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    Konal's patented “Smart Track” overhead powered monorail conveyor systems have changed the way the world manufactures and processes polyurethane and automotive assemblies. Every Konal metering system is designed and built to provide the most complete control of your process and to provide years of service. Konal metering systems are designed for output ranges varying from grams per second to as much as 25 lbs. per second.

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Specializing in the Automation and Integration

of Manufactured Urethane and Soft Material Products


Konal is Your “Soft Products” Solution Provider


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Konal Automated Systems is best described as a custom manufacturer of “soft material” manufacturing solutions provider. We are a global distributor of production lines for various industries. Our  expertise revolves around the automation of raw materials to finished products. We custom design and build production lines to lower manufacturing steps. We also can integrate multiple technologies within the same line. Cross functional technologies integrated through the use of multi transfer systems that lowers cycle times, reduces scrap and inventory is always the focus of our designs.

Most manufacturers have been producing a component in the same way for many years and have maximized output over time. In most cases Konal looks at the process steps during and post manufacturing to understand the entire manufacturing and assembly process. A holistic view from an engineering perspective often reveals many opportunities. By merging processes where applicable, eliminates multiple tooling and multiple potential of scrap. Our goal is simple… Better, faster, cheaper. Our sound engineering and return on investment sales approach enables our customers to venture into areas of manufacturing that can only be described as “World Class”.

Manufacturing automation equipment

Manufacturing Automation Equipment

We make Production Automation equipment. Couple that with engineering and manufacturing production capabilities along with our expansive, flexible floor space enable us to design, fabricate, assemble, test and run automated manufacturing systems in our facility prior to shipping.

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Thermal forming Headliner

Automotive Headliner

Automated Headliner system technology offers multi material changes, on the fly color changes from part to part, and a flexible unmanned manufacturing line. Headliners are designed for low to high volume programs allowing a mixture of programs on the same line with an automated tool change system.

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Blast cast slush mold

Blast Cast Slush System

Slush System options from automated tool changes, multiple colors on the fly, sequential manufacturing, multi-platform tooling all running in unison to multi-material on the fly manufacturing. Tool life is indisputably the longest in the industry due to our controlled thermal shock in both heat and cooling.

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